Dave M interviewed in Darwin-2016

Since Aug 2015 … I’ve been involved with an underground acoustic music festival set in an underground WW2 oil storage tunnel beneath Darwin. My role is primarily recording the event & developing the tunnelnumberfive.com website. As a result … I’ve been thin on the ground on this website before, during & after each years TN5 festival. I hope to make up for that in ‘non TN5’ time with a regular patchy flow of new content!

About the above sound file … during the 2016 TN5’s 5 night festival … Rebecca McLean asked to do a brief background profile on me as TN5’s sound recordist for airing on radio ABC Darwin.


Rebecca also videoed some footage during one of the performances. The following video-clip makes some use of her footage. It was edited by Anne Norman the founder & artistic director of TN5.

A CD of the 2016 concerts is now available. Order a copy here. Only a limited number of CDs in production. Through the same link you can access Bandcamp to listen to streaming audio of all tracks, & maybe buy your favourite tracks or the whole digital CD. Don your headphones, enter the tunnel ambience with us, and check out the demo video clip.  (Please note that the demo audio is low res … unlike the final CD or digital download)

If you would like to support this CD’s production please visit – https://pozible.com/project/up-from-the-deep


















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