2017 … Tunnel Number Five Festival

Headphones highly recommended for these binaural recordings


Motherless Chil’

Motherless Chil’… 5.4mins


The first evenings concert, called Impact, featured the Ad Hoc Ensemble with Kabita Ghosh.

A highlight from this concert was Motherless Chil’… adapted from Carol Maillard’s arrangement of this traditional Negro spiritual. featuring Stevie Kyriacou as the Chil’ at one end of the tunnel & a Mother chorus near the other end. They gradually move towards each other from opposite ends of the tunnel, drawing on the tunnel’s natural delay and reverberation

Stevie Kyriacou (voice)
Mariliza Papadouri (cello)
Netanela Mizrahi (voice)
Anna Faehse (voice)
Merrilee Mills (voice)




Chaccone … 7.2mins

The 5th & final evenings concert called Digging Deep, featured Chaccone composed by Nick Tsaivos. Chaccone concluded our 2017 Underground Music Festival.

“Chaccone is one of the ‘elemental structures ‘ I first composed in 1993, and it has been following me around ever since. The chaccone is based on three melodic/tonal elements that nearly, but not quite resolve – this produces a vaguely hypnotic dance as the three elements unravel withih their own logic and timeframes.”

Nick Tsiavos (double bass)
Peter Neville (percussion)
Jason Guwanbal Gurruwiwi (Yolngu Manikay)
Netanela Mizrahi (violin/viola)
Anne Norman (shakuhachi)






















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