‘Yamaha Frogs’ – Cherating wetlands

‘Yamaha Frogs’ – Cherating wetlands … mid 90’s

‘Yamaha Frogs’ – Cherating wetlands … 15.5mins


This recording was made in the mid 90’s at Cherating … a sleepy little seaside village on the Central East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

The scene:   Middle of a monsoon thunderstorm, middle of the night, middle of a narrow road with compact wetlands all around.

Umbrella in hand ….. the frogs etc were digitally “captured”  onto a minidisc recorder via a custom-made quasi-binaural stereo system using omni boundary mikes built into a hat [above the ears].

There are about 5 or 6 different varieties of frog all vying for attention … occasionally all together in chorus.

In the background you might hear some of the locals trying their luck fishing in the small river behind the wetlands.

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