Sekar Gadhung … Gamelan Slonding

Gamelan Selonding … NMIT Intercultural Music Concert – June 2012

“The relatively small island of Bali is home to a wide array of unique musical genres. All of them coming under the collective title gamelan; predominantly percussive in nature, they vary in size, tuning, construction and social function.

The ensemble presented this evening originates from Tenganan in the East of Bali, a community of Bali’s indigenous people, the Aga.

Until recent decades non-Aga people were forbidden from hearing or seeing this music performed, but a careful and respectful relaxation of the strict rules has seen the Aga share their secular music with new friends from outside their village walls.

This set of instruments is a close copy of the village’s sacred ceremonial orchestra, but it has not been ordained, or brought to life, so there is no transgression in its use for concert performance in Australia. To the contrary, my teacher Gunawan is very keen to hear how Australian audiences react to his beloved repertoire.”

This is only the 3rd time it has been performed anywhere in Australia.

Sekar Gadhung … Gamelan Slonding

“This composition Sekar Gadhung, named after a flower, is well known amongst Balinese people, both inside & outside the walls of Tenganan. At times accompanied by voices or performed instrumentally as it is tonight, Sekar Gadhung is a wonderful example of the multi-layered sound scape that typifies Balinese Gamelan composition. The longer you listen the more you hear, or at least that is my experience.”

Directed by Jeremy Dullard

Guest performers:
Tim Anders
Jeremy Dullard
Joel Dullard
Adam King
Dan Richardson

Venue: Music Dept, Fairfield Campus, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

Update: The next NMIT Intercultural Music Concert will be at the same venue on Thurs 25th October. More details will be available from early October at their website. This can be found via Links on the top menu … just scroll down to Venues.

Note: Jeremy Dullard is the founder and director of the Melbourne based Balinese music academy, Gamelan DanAnda:

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