Flores: Kampung Borani Acappela

2010 … Orang Ngada Acappela Group in Kampung Borani

Acappela - Florians19

Acappela-1 @ Florians


Singing “the old music from long long ago” – 16.6mins


4 ancient, funny and feisty women from Kampung Borani near Bajawa hill town in Flores [Indonesia] grapple with recalling all the words to “the old songs from long long ago”. I was informed that there are 2 types of such song forms … Teke for more formal events … and Seuaze which is usually sung at more casual occasions such as after a days work in the fields etc. The songs recorded were mostly Seuaze.

The recording here shows their process of summoning the old songs through several takes of a song … interspersed with various arguments, laughter and remembering new fragments … taking them straight on to a new take. Finally they all come together for a fairly complete rendition of each song. Around a half dozen villagers who knew some of the old songs were drawn in to join and fill out the acappella group.

Upon completion of the recording session … the old women seemed very pleased to be honoured and given the opportunity to come together and summon the old times.   The recording session took place in the living-room of a long time friend of mine, Florian Lengu, who also organized the event.

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