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Performers … presented on this site

Anne Norman: , ,,

Wadaiko Rindo:,
Toshi & Junko Sakamoto with members of Wadaiko Rindo: Masahiro Yamazaki, Yukiko Shoya, Noriko Kuchi

Noriko Tadano:,

Miho Araki:,

Adam Wodcinski:



Izumi Fujikawa:
[In Japanese but can translate into many languages]
… For CD’s or mp3’s of Izumi’s Koto

Nick Tsiavos: ,,

Anthony Schulz:

George Butrumlis:
Boite directory:
Jeremy Dullard’s Balinese music academy:
Melanie Robinson: ,

Jess Ipkendanz:
Sam Evans: , ,

Bio is here:

Balvinder Singh:
Ravish Shet:
Sitok Srengenge:
David Helfgott info: ,

Mark Allen piano:
Colin Offord:

World Music Cafe – Mark St, Fitzroy … Saturday, May 5th 2012 8:00pm
Acoustic styles of Greek Rebetika, Smyrnaika, Paila Laika, featuring the enchanting voice of Jenny Theologidis with Wayne Simmons (guitar), Achilles Yiangoulis (bouzouki, voice), and George Butrumlis (accordion). With guests Fotis Vergopoulos (bouzouki, voice), and Dimitris Hoplaros from Cyprus (fiddle & voice).

Achilles Yiangoulli:

Fotis Vergopoulos:



La Mama Musica:

The Boite World Music Cafe:

BMW EDGE theatre – Federation Square:

NMIT Music Dept:

NMIT is now known as Melbourne Polytechnic

Music Dept, Fairfield Campus, Melbourne Polytechnic


Grainger Museum:

Mornington Library:

Bar Open:

the Kathakali Centre, Kerala:

Temple of Literature [Văn Miếu] info:,_Hanoi ,

Melbourne Didgeridoo & Cultural Festival:


Sites I like … important &/or interesting

Maireid Sullivan … The Global Arts Collective:     “The arts have the power to touch the heart, and the potential to heal and empower.
The arts help us celebrate and promote awareness of the wealth to be found in all aspects of our culture and heritage.

The Global Arts Collective is dedicated to collaborating on promotion of those values that help us rise above our differences and celebrate our strengths, while supporting ongoing efforts that promote peace, health and sustainability.”

Fascinating Aida youtube channel:

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