Breath … live @ Melbourne Didge Festival-2013 (Video)

Breath … live @ Melbourne Didgeridu & Cultural Festival – 2013

a beautiful trio of breath-based musicians

Anne Norman – shakuhachi (flutes)
Sanshi – didgerido, bell
Reo Matsumoto – beatbox, chant, bells

BREATH plays music rooted in the moment: Intuitive music-making that builds evocative soundscapes and then bursts
into rhythms that makes you want to get up and dance. Combining the haunting and meditative sounds of shakuhachi
with the mesmeric and pulsing drone of the didj and the playful soundscapes of Reo’s mouth and breath.

These three players bring an incredible combination of talent, sounds and colours: Anne conjures melodies that
sing through the shakuhachi, inspired by the time and place, and the sounds offered by her musical partners;
Sanshi plays didjeridoo with a power and creative flare that combines rhythms of Arnhem land with street tribal;
Reo simply astounds with what he is able to create with his mouth. There is a synthesizer and drum-kit hiding in
there somewhere!

BREATH performed at the Melbourne Didgeridoo Festival on March 2nd 2013 to a fabulously enthusiastic crowd.

BREATH in Japan!   「息吹」~ 日本の旅   Journey to Fukushima
Breath toured Japan (late September early October 2013) – from Kyushu through Shikoku and Honshu, ending in Fukushima.


Anne Norman – ,
Sanshi –
Reo Matsumoto –
Melbourne Didgeridu & Cultural Festival –

NOTE:   There are also AUDIO tracks (some different) from this gig to be accessed via here … or under AUDIO in the top menu.   Handy if you don’t have fast internet connection.



Duelling Fun … didgeridoo & Reo’s MOUTH!



Whooo … G didj & G shak duo



08-Distance Eight: futa futa futari – “ftuff ftuff taddy” … duo of D (1.8) shak & mouth

The title is a play on words:

futari = 二里 … an old Japanese unit of distance equivalent to 8km.
futari = 二人 … two people



2 solos … Featuring Reo on mouth (beatbox) then Sanshi on didj.    Humorously brilliant!



Seagull … D didj, D shak, beatbox



BREATH trio finale … with guest Jona Sun – MD&CF2013



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