Bassidi Kone @ NMIT Fairfield campus

Bassidi Kone is a world renowned master musician who recently completed the Australian leg of a world tour … before returning to Mali.

This performance was a special guest artist appearance at NMIT’s 1st semester ‘Intercultural Music Concert’. Bassidi was backed by a small percussion group led by Simon Lewis.  Simon is a long time student of Bassidi & other musicians in Guinea, Mali & Senegal … & now teaches West African Percussion at NMIT’s Fairfield campus in Melbourne as well as privately at MelbourneDjembe.

Bassidi has 2 CD’s with his larger Malian group, Bwazan, available via his website.  Also a new CD has recently been released:   Koné Express’ debut album, Non Stop, was recorded in Mali and Melbourne, mixed in Northcote and mastered in London.  The Non Stop CD is available via Simons website.

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