Mohammad Ali Baqiri’s story

March in March – Melbourne 2014 ….. Mohammad Ali Baqiri

Here Mohammad passionately tells his story to a crowd of 30,000 in Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens.


Australia’s March in March rallies took place at around 30 locations around OZ on the 15th & 16th … & culminated in a March on Canberra on the 17th. The consensus on the total number of marchers was 112,000. The primary reason for the rallies/movement are many community concerns about what’s happening in their name. Hence … ‘not in my name’ as the main theme.

There’s a widespread lack of confidence in our government & a deep concern over the direction & speed that
Prime Minister Tony Abbot & his team of miscreants are dismantling the common wealth of the people
he’s supposed to represent.

The first of the speakers at this rally was Mohammad Ali Baqiri … he was a refugee asylum seeker – one of the lucky ones who were eventually allowed in to make good in OZ.

He’s a Hazara from Afghanistan, who fled with his parents & 5 siblings when he was only 10 years old. Apart from ongoing wars … the Hazaras have been brutally persecuted for hundreds of years. After a disastrous boat trip & 3 years inprisonment in Nauru he finally gained an OZ visa. He’s currently studying for a double degree in law & business … & is already an accredited interpreter.



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