Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002

Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002

My usual routine when in Benaulim fishing village was to go on daily 6km walks to, from & south along the beach.   However the President of India had taken up residence in a 5-star hotel about a kilometer along the beach … & the whole beach in front of the hotel was blocked by 2 military men with machine guns.

With my walk curtailed I returned back along the beach to Benaulim … when suddenly Santa appeared on the beach being harnessed to a parachute!   The other end of the harness was attached to a speed boat … and with a roar of the motor Santa took off!   It was fairly obvious that Santa was heading for the President’s hotel.

I wondered what might have been in Santa’s sack … while taking in the sunset.

Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002 ……. huh!   Father Christmas on a beach in Goa?   Parasailing??

Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002 ……. Liftoff

Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002 ……. No reindeers here…just raw horsepower

Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002 ……. Oh well …what next?

Benaulim beach – Xmas 2002 ……. Taking in the sunset

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