‘In The Flow’ … Japanese Music & Live Calligraphy

‘In The Flow’ … Japanese Music & Live Calligraphy – 11th May 2012

For past six years Anne Norman has produced a series of fabulous concerts for Matsudo Week, Matsudo being the Japanese sister city of Whitehorse. These are musically adventurous, visually stunning and always include theatrical surprises. ‘In The Flow’ is the most recent of these. Presented by The Boite & supported by the Whitehorse City Council.

The following pieces are just a few highlights from this great concert.


Tabaru-zaka – song, shamisen, calligraphy

This song is about the slope of Tabaru in Kumamoto, Kyushu, where a famous battle took place against the government forces in 1877.

Noriko Tadano: song & shamisen
Miho Araki: calligraphy


Beatboxer meets taiko … a conversation

This piece, actually called Ben Kei, was one of 13 ‘In The Flow’.

‘Ben Kei’ – taiko drums, cymbals & vocal beatbox

Composed by Nao Taguchi & arranged by Wadaiko Rindo.

Ben Kei was a famously strong Samurai in the Kamakura period (1185 – 1333)


The Ocean Umi

‘The Ocean Umi’ is another piece from the recent ‘In The Flow’ … Japanese Music & Live Calligraphy concert presented by The Boite

Composed by Myuki Hirose & performed by Wadaiko Rindo on taiko drums


Encounter – Beatbox & Shakuhachi

Anne Norman on shakuhachi & Kata performing “mouth-music”.


Distant Cry of Deer 鹿の遠音 – plus live calligraphy

Over half of the piece is performed in the dark, and the live calligraphy of the poem by Miho Araki kicks in towards the end… worth waiting for. Performed at the Boite in Box Hill, Melbourne, 2012.

A honkyoku meditation piece for 1.8 shakuhachi accompanied by a waka poem by the 9th century poet 猿丸大夫 Sarumaru Dayu, using the syllable pattern of 5,7,5,5,7. Read today by Adam Wodcinski. (Translation: a friendly, collaborative tussle between Anne and Adam) … followed by live calligraphy of the waka poem.

deep in the mountains
feet rustling through fallen leaves
a lonely stag cries
this striking echo
belling the autumn sorrow

also Anne Norman: shakuhachi & Miho Araki: live calligraphy.


‘In The Flow’ + live calligraphy … finale

shamisen, vocal beatbox , 1.3 shakuhachi, taiko drums, shinto bells, live calligraphy

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