Showko + Etherial Offering to Ocean and Forest – 9th May 2014

In Box Hill Community Arts Centre on the 9th of May for Matsudo week 2014.
Presented by The Boite & supported by the Whitehorse City Council.

Here are a few highlights ( …. More to follow)


Showko & the human puppet

A Highlight from the performance of acclaimed ventriliquist Showko.
Looking fo someone to take over her sushi restaurant … Showko picks a fellow from the audience who has no idea
what he’s just volunteered for.




RAIN now and then

Recording of Anne Norman wandering around the audience playing her solo shakuhachi piece “Rain Now and Then”
at the Boite performance of “Ethereal Offering to Ocean and Forest”

Of interest to headphone listeners … the ambient background … gentle rain coming & going on the roof above.

RainShak ... Photo:  Matt Reed

RainShak … Photo: Matt Reed


RAIN now & then … 4.8mins


RAIN now and then

outside my window
summer trees stand stunned
adorned by water droplets sparkling in the morning light
while joyous bird calls fill my house with song

a weaving spider keenly watches bees
hovering from one flower to the next
a vertical string of sarcophagi beads
threaded through her web

after years of bucketed bathwater
the garden laughs
as rain resumes its gift
this time more insistent than the last

heavy foliage bows in gratitude
as our world is touched
by a glorious shower
of golden light

© Anne Norman 2011 (poem reworked in 2014)
to accompany a shakuhachi solo composed on Feb 11th 2011


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