Voice, violin & cello


Voice, Violin & Cello – 9mins


Contemporary improvisation live from the Boite World Music Cafe – 2008

This is the only performance not fully improvised from a night of improvised music at the famous Boite World Music Cafe in Fitzroy Melbourne Australia.

This moving piece was improvised around a composed section by vocalist/violinist Jess Ipkendanz …  based on a fragment from a poem by Rilke. Their improvisations are stunning.

To quote Jess:
“So the next little number is with me & Mel … and we’ve decided to start this improvisation with something written.   This is a piece that I wrote just the other day and it’s inspired by the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

It’s a mourning song for the death of Eurydice and the words that I’ve taken are just a fragment of the beautiful poem that I was very lucky to have read.   If you haven’t yet read it … go read it because it’s absolutely stunning.   It’s by Rilke.

So I’ve just taken a little fragment of that poem and set it to music.    And from there … we will go forward.”

Jess Ipkendanz : voice & violin

Melanie Robinson : Cello

Photo credit: http://www.myspace.com/mrsisterfeaturingmelrobinson/photos/


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